How It All Started

In 1987, members from the community of Chisholm and graduates returning to their hometown started the conversation that Chisholm needed more--------more opportunities to enhance the lives of those living in Chisholm and ideas to draw business, families and other opportunities to Chisholm.

Thus the founding of the ‘Chisholm Community Foundation’.

The stewardship of the Gornick Family led the way. Graduates, interested individuals and businesses came together and collaborated with the expertise of the Minnesota Community Foundation. 

Today we have met and exceeded our dreams-----------we have given back over $1,000,000 to worthwhile causes; all geared to making Chisholm a better place.

The Chisholm Community Foundation stands as a ‘hallmark’ in Minnesota.  We continue to receive praises as we gift to worthy causes, addressing the needs of our community as well as being creative in our fundraising efforts.  We continue to attract new investors to our foundation by creating opportunities such as family advised funds.  

Our gifting to organizations is varied.  Please see our page labeled ‘Grants’ as an example of grants awarded.

Our foundation is strong and viable.  This is evidenced by those who give and support our mission.  Our founding president Ron Gornick said it best ”Chisholm is a unique community.  We have strong schools that teach us about respect and the value of community and volunteering”.